Samdhong Rinpoche talks about Tibetan Buddhism and meditation.

Samdhong RinpocheSamdhong Rinpoche is the Dalai Lama’s first elected prime minister, r kalon tripa in Tibetan. He speaks very good English.

Samdhong Rinpoche was born in Kham, in eastern Tibet, a region known for its warrior tradition. He fled Lhasa in 1959, just after the Dalai Lama. A distinguished scholar educated at the Drepung Monastery near Lhasa, Samdhong Rinpoche was a leader in establishing schools for Tibetan refugees in the Himalayan hills of India. He later became head of the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies in the Indian holy city of Varanasi.

Video on Tibetan Buddhism. Duration: 46 mins.

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  1. Gracias de conpartir claridad mental para la mente


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