In the Shadow of the Buddha

For nearly a decade, Matteo Pistono smuggled out of Tibet evidence of atrocities by the Chinese government, showing it to the United States government, human rights organisations, and anyone who would listen. Yet Pistono did not originally intend to fight for social justice in Tibet – he had gone there as a Buddhist pilgrim.

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Matteo Pistono is a writer, photographer, political activist and practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. He lived and traveled throughout the Himalayas for a decade, bringing to the West first-hand accounts and photos of China’s human rights abuses in Tibet. He is the founder of Nekorpa, a foundation working to protect sacred pilgrimage sites around the world.

From In the Shadow of the BuddhaIn the Shadow of the Buddha
One Man’s Journey of Spiritual Discovery
& Political Danger in Tibet

By Matteo Pistono

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  1. Let all good people of the world pray for the restoration of freedom, peace,harmony and universal brotherhood in Tibet. That is the yearning of the good people of Tibet. Let us hope that the Chinese will somehow realize the value and importance of the great Tibetan culture of peace, harmony and goodwill. There is always a possibility that the mysterious Universe could grant the wishes of good people.

  2. Thanx a million for telling us about this book. I was looking for a new book about Tibet.


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