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Advice on Treading the Buddhist Path The Buddha’s teaching was given to help people find true happiness by putting an end to suffer­ing. True happiness is attained by doing certain things and leaving certain things undone. The following has been… Read More ›


Frequently asked questions on Buddhism   Who was the Buddha? What does the word ‘Buddha’ Mean? What did the Buddha teach? Is there a God in Buddhism as in Christianity? What do Buddhists believe? Does Buddhism teach reincarnation? What is… Read More ›

Nirvana for Everyone, by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

When you hear the phrase ‘Nirvana for everyone’, you may shake your head in disbelief. People in general believe that nirvana is a special place where there is no suffering, only happiness, the place usually being reached after death by those who have already achieved perfection in thousands of incarnations…

Trevor Leggett

Trevor Leggett (1914-2000) lived for a considerable time in Japan. He was the first foreigner to obtain the Sixth Dan (senior teachers degree) in judo from Kodokan and has written several well-known books on the subject. He has also written… Read More ›