Dealing with obstacles, by Marcelle Hanselaar

Dealing with obstacles 1 © Marcelle Hanselaar
Dealing with obstacles 1 of 4


Dealing with obstacles 2 © Marcelle Hanselaar
Dealing with obstacles 2 of 4
Dealing with obstacles 3 © Marcelle Hanselaar
Dealing with obstacles 3 of 4
Dealing with obstacles 4 © Marcelle Hanselaar
Dealing with obstacles 4 of 4 :-)

Many thanks to Marcelle Hanselaar

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  1. Enso is perceived as non-perfect, thus an obstacle. This creates the division of me/not-me and makes one struggle, by force or devotion. Acceptance and understanding brings back peace and unity. Thank you for lovely post, may it benefit many _/\_

  2. Wow. Pictures speak 1000 words…I love this Buddhist wisdom.

  3. These images have made me so happy. I am going to put them where I can be reminded daily that life’s perceived obstacles are just that ‘perceived’ and we make them real with our resistance. Thank you so much for this beautiful insight. Metta

  4. Sangha

  5. I absolutely LOVE this. The smile in 4 of 4 warms my heart.

  6. I just love the various ways of how we can deal with obstacles. :-)

  7. That is true Sara. The obstacle has disappeared in #4. Do you not see it? There is a rock. There is a monk. But there is no obstacle.



  8. i thought the end would be the obstacle disappearing, since obstacles just appear and disappear like everything else in the mind

  9. Ha! That’s very Buddhist. Thanks again.

  10. Although, I understood very well what the last caricature had to say, making peace with the situations in our lives and just “let it be”. But, what does the 1st and 2nd picture say that is different. Sorry I thought they mean the same. I may be wrong, please enlighten me. Much Thanks.

  11. i was working in my garden in the sun when i came across this blog, it was so sunny that i could not see clearly so i decided i had to go into the dark room in order to see clearly…..then it came to me, to some extent is that not what life is all about, embracing the dark times in order to see the full picture……

  12. Got the message! hehe =)

  13. Marcelle thank you for the perfect pictures

  14. Humorous, with excellent poignancy.

    Beautiful economy of line, as well.

    Amy Dyson


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