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Buddhist Publishing Group (BPG) was formed in 1983 and published a paper version of  Buddhism Now from 1989 until 2007.

As well as publishing Buddhism Now, BPG has produced numerous books and booklets, and distributed over 110,000 free pamphlets. Other BPG activities have included running Buddhist workshops and retreats, and an annual Buddhist Summer School in Leicester from 1989 until 2006.

The Buddhism Now blog is published by the Buddhist Publishing Group and is funded, in part, from the sale of its books.

Don't Take Your Life Personally, by Ajahn SumedhoDon’t Take Your Life Personally by Ajahn Sumedho

Ajahn Sumedho urges us to trust in awareness and to experience for ourselves genuine liberation from mental anguish and suffering, in the way the Buddha himself did two and a half thousand years ago.

Don’t Take Your Life Personally

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Perfect Wisdom: Prajnaparamita TextsPerfect Wisdom: Prajnaparamita Texts
Translated by Edward Conze

The Short Prajnaparamita Texts were composed in India between 100 BC and AD 600, containing well known texts such as the Perfection of Wisdom in 700 lines, the Heart Sutra and the Diamond Sutra.

Perfect Wisdom Prajnaparamita texts

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Zen Teaching of Instantaneous Awakening by Hui HaiZen Teaching of Instantaneous Awakening 

by Master Hui Hai
Translated by John Blofeld

Written in the 8th century by Hui Hai, a student of Ma-tsu, and in the same lineage as Huai-hai, Huang Po, and Lin-chi. This is a Classic Zen text.

Zen Teaching of Instantaneous Awakening

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Experience Beyond Thinking: Practical Guide to Buddhist MeditationExperience Beyond Thinking by Diana St Ruth

A practical guide to Buddhist meditation with easy to follow exercises. The reflections of an ordinary practitioner.

Experience Beyond Thinking

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Fingers and Moons, by Trevor LeggettFingers and Moons by Trevor Leggett

With many varied analogies, stories and incidents, Trevor Leggett points to the truth beyond words, beyond explanations and beyond methods. Indeed, it is ‘a finger pointing to the moon’.

Fingers and Moons

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Understanding Karma and Rebirth A Buddhist Perspective by Diana St RuthUnderstanding Karma and Rebirth: A Buddhist Perspective 

by Diana St Ruth

Understanding Karma and Rebirth is a perspective on the actions we take and the effects of those actions. It includes meditation exercises to go beyond the concepts we hold of birth and death and to live from the unborn moment.

Understanding Karma and Rebirth

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Teachings of a Buddhist Monk by Ajahn SumedhoTeachings of a Buddhist Monk

by Ajahn Sumedho

Modern, practical teachings from one of the oldest Buddhist traditions. Ajahn Sumedho’s wisdom and humour bring us right to the heart of meditation from the perspective of Theravada Buddhism.

Teachings of a Buddhist Monk

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The Old Zen Master, by Trevor LeggettThe Old Zen Master 

by Trevor Leggett

Stories, parables, and examples have been a favoured way of conveying spiritual truths since time immemorial, and Trevor Leggett was a master at it. He had the knack of pointing out the spiritual implications of sometimes very ordinary, daily events, which make it easy for us to relate to.

The Old Zen Master

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