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The Art of Gandhara

Much of Gandharan art is thus a compelling fusion of foreign styles that ultimately gave visual form to the region’s Buddhist religious ideals. Buddhism, which had emerged from north India, was embraced by the Gandharan people… Free PDF download (22 MB)

Ten Verses on Oxherding, Zen master Guoan Shiyuan

In Zen, a herdboy’s search for his lost oxen has served as a parable for a practitioner’s pursuit of enlightenment since this Buddhist sect’s early history in China. In the eleventh century, the Song-dynasty Zen master Guoan Shiyuan (active ca. 1150) codified the parable into ten verses (gāthā), recorded and illustrated in this handscroll…

The Helgö Buddha

A remarkable collection of religious items from diverse lands was discovered during archae­ological excavations on the Swedish island of Helgö. Undoubtedly the most extra­ordi­nary find dis­covered during the exca­vations at Helgö was a small, bronze Buddha…