Trevor Leggett

Trevor Leggett (1914 – 2000), was one of the leading writers on Zen Buddhism in the West.

Paper Belief by Trevor Leggett

However, for a time one may be satisfied with echoes, or even think that they are what is sought. Such experts in the holy texts may be satisfied themselves, and satisfy others, with quotations. They are like a helpful foreigner in a city, who when asked the way, pulls out a map and consults it before giving directions…

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Cabinet Making, by Trevor Leggett

We often do not realise clearly that all our actions are of the same nature: they are bits for the ‘cabinet’ which is being made. One piece is as important as the other; some are bigger, some are smaller, but they are all important…

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All The Keys, by Trevor Leggett

As enlightenment is approached keys to the locked rooms become available. At first it may take a good deal of courage to use even the smallest of them. Because the room has been locked we do not know what is in it and the mere fact that it has been locked seems to imply that what is in it, is terrible…

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The Saving Lie, No Lie, by Trevor Leggett

It can be argued in his defence that from the highest point of view there was only the Buddha nature under the Buddha floor boards; there was no-one there. So from the highest point of view he was telling the truth and not lying.

Against this it is contended that the three ordinary Samurai would not understand this highest point of view. They would take it literally and he must have known that. He gave them no indication that he was speaking to them from a higher level, so that he was constructively lying…

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