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The Record of Tung-Shan

Earnestly avoid seeking without, lest it recede far from you.
Today I am walking alone, yet everywhere I meet him.
He is now no other than myself, but I am not now him.
It must be understood in this way in order to merge with Suchness.

All The Keys, by Trevor Leggett

As enlightenment is approached keys to the locked rooms become available. At first it may take a good deal of courage to use even the smallest of them. Because the room has been locked we do not know what is in it and the mere fact that it has been locked seems to imply that what is in it, is terrible…

We need to put ourselves into perspective, by Ajahn Sumedho

Existence is something that can strengthen us, rather than weaken us. We need to put ourselves into perspective; we need to see ourselves in terms of the mass as well as in terms of the individual. When we take life on the extreme level of ‘me’ as a person, we forget the common problem that we share with the rest of humanity…