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    Zen Teaching of Instantaneous Awakening

    A Classic Zen text written in the 8th century by Hui Hai. He was a student of Ma-tsu and from the same line as Hui Neng, Huang Po and Rinzai (Lin-chi).

  • Don't Take Your Life Personally

    Ajahn Sumedho urges us to trust in awareness and find out for ourselves what it is to experience genuine liberation from mental anguish and suffering.

  • Perfect Wisdom: Prajnaparamita Texts

    The Short Prajnaparamita Texts were composed in India between 100 BC and AD 600. They contain some of the most well known Buddhist texts such as The Perfection of Wisdom in 700 Lines, The Heart Sutra, and The Diamond Sutra.

  • Fingers and Moons, by Trevor Leggett

    Trevor Leggett points to the truth beyond words, beyond explanations and methods.

  • Experience Beyond Thinking: Practical Guide to Buddhist Meditation. An easy to follow guide to Buddhist meditation and the reflections of an ordinary practitioner. Used as a guide by meditation groups.

    An easy to follow guide to Buddhist meditation.

  • Understanding Karma and Rebirth A Buddhist Perspective

    Meditations and exercises to help us understand karma and rebirth and to live from the unborn moment.

  • The Old Zen Master by Trevor Leggett

    Stories, parables, and examples pointing to the spiritual implications of practical events in daily life.

  • Teachings of a Buddhist Monk

    Modern practical teachings from an American monk living within one of the oldest Buddhist traditions.

The Misguided Monk

Misguided Monk By Tom LongWhen an old hermit monk has his day interrupted by an uninvited guest, he is unwillingly taken on a journey to discover the true meaning of companionship.

. . . .

. . . .

Animation by Tom Long

14 Responses

  1. The dog in the video sadly reminds me of my beloved dog, Bobby, who passed away last August after fighting with a cobra in my garden. May he have a good rebirth.

  2. I loved this nice way to teach compassion. …sorry about your little dog, BGChing. He may have saved your life. What happened to the cobra? Yes, I hope Bobby had a good re-birth or realized The Ultimate Bliss.

  3. Ah, loved this video, there is so much we can learn from our pets and from the non human animals.

  4. What a lovely wee film. Loved the tai chi!

  5. Beautiful and such a good lesson to be learned! <3

  6. beautiful little animation to demonstrate how easy it is for us to get caught up in ourselves and our practice. I love it when my little dog comes and sits on my cushion / feet when meditating :)

  7. What a truely wonderful video. It’s opened my eyes.

  8. Wonderful animated short with a lesson. Watch your thoughts as they become deeds. Watch your actions as they become your destiny.

  9. So beautiful! It reminds me to welcome joy in all its forms in every moment, and to not be caught up in the ‘seriousness’ of life and spiritual practice!

  10. All the beauty and simplicity of Zen.

  11. I loved this little film. A great reminder for us .

  12. What a lovely little film. It really affected me. Just beautiful. Wonderful music too.

  13. Cheers

  14. Thank you for this delightful film with its clear message.

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