China, Taoism, Buddhism, and its Hermits: Red Pine

Chinese Hermit © Bill PorterFilm: China, Taoism, Buddhism, and its Hermits: Red Pine (Bill Porter) has spent a great deal of time in China, seeking out the Taoist and Buddhist hermits who live in the sacred mountains to this day. He tells us how he came to learn Chinese in the first place and of his particular love of Chinese classical poetry.

In this humorous and informative talk, he takes us on a journey from the time before China began, through the ages, and the development of Taoism and Buddhism.

Bill Porter not only speaks perfect Chinese, but has enjoyed trying to plumb the depths of the Chinese mind. He has translated many important Buddhist and Taoist works. It is a fascinating film.

The film runs for approximately one hour.

Click here for more Buddhist teachings by Red Pine.

Categories: Chan / Seon / Zen, Video

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