Xuefeng’s ‘Deliverance’


Xuefeng instructed the assembly, saying, ‘The worlds in all directions are the gate of deliverance, but if I hold your hand and drag you, you will not be allowed to enter.’

At that time a monk came forth and said, ‘Reverend, you suspect that I cannot (enter)?’

Another monk said, ‘What is the use of entering?’

The master then hit him.

Tianning Xuzhao ascended the hall and raised this story, saying, ‘What was this old fellow doing wasting a lot of energy? If it was me, I would not do so. The cypress tree in front of the courtyard soars with a luxuriant emerald, at times you can see patches of cloud flying away.

Haiyin Zhaoxin added the comment, ‘If you crave a bushel of rice of another, you will destroy the supplies of half a year.

Chengtian Huai ascended the hall and said, ‘Just now don’t you want an understanding here and now? There needs to be a reversal of the light (of insight) to recognize your own matter of the original endowment; do not be deceived by others.

Xiaqi Riyi ascended the hall and raised this story, saying, “Gentlemen, this monk did not enter and just stayed put. You say, was Xuefeng speaking from outside the gate or from inside the gate. Those of you who have an eye having consulted all over, try to see if you can get the point. If you can get the point (of the story) I will allow that you will have met on the Wushi Range, but if you are not clear about it then you will have to gaze at the barrier-gate to your home town from three thousand leagues away.”

With thanks: Collected Works of Korean Buddhism, Vol. 7-2. Gongan Collections II
Edited and Translated by John Jorgensen
Published by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism
Distributed by the Compilation Committee of Korean Buddhist Thought
45 Gyeonji-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 110-170, Korea

Categories: Buddhism, Chan / Seon / Zen

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