The Land of Lost Contact by John Aske

PrimroseReligion once gave us a sense of belonging, of being part of something greater. But we somehow lost our feeling of connection with it, or at least the feeling faded and we turned to political cultures which almost invariably failed as well and left us with nothing but a sense of loss. Nothing seemed to fill the void, so we turned outwards to find something else.

But everything kept shifting away, changing, becoming other, which things and life do, and we do as well.

So we turned to other pleasures, becoming this, becoming that, perhaps acquiring a new car, a new house, a new spouse, and so on. And somehow this also paled in time, so we turned to money. Money is always useful. Keep the money flowing, and we can conjure up scenario after scenario, like living a film, but it is all rather exhausting, and somehow only brings a limited satisfaction. Things go wrong, they change – the planet itself changes.

We do not like to admit that the problems all began when we turned away from our simple sense of the world, and began to listen to the pied piper of our ego – and wanted more and more.

The quiet awareness that we sometimes still sense that was there before all this, was comfortable with change and loss and surprise, and took it all in and lived with it perfectly easily.

How did we forget? But the world outside was full of such exciting things – and the inner world was just so quiet.

We wanted the excitement and the things, and soon forgot about how happy we had been, and how we could survive even in the shadow. We forgot the land of lost content and the blue remembered hills.

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2 replies

  1. Thanks for your article John……….Yes that experience is with us all………we only have to make contact.

  2. Yes !…………………OM


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