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Tibet and India: Buddhist Traditions and Transformations

As Buddhism spread out from north India, the place of its origin in the sixth century BC, the core ideas of this great religious tradition were often expressed through images. This Bulletin and the exhibition it accompanies, “Tibet and India: Buddhist Traditions and Transformations,” focus on Indian and Tibetan Buddhist art of the eleventh and twelfth centuries… (Free PDF download) Beautiful Buddhist works of art

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The Tibetan Chan Manuscripts

These manuscripts, found in the caves of Dunhuang, include the only surviving texts of a living ‘Tibetan Chan’ tradition. They give us a snapshot of the early Chan tradition from the eighth and tenth centuries…

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It’s Like This, by Ajahn Chah

The crude, beginning level of the practice is a little hard to maintain, but the refined levels of virtue, concentration, and discernment all come out of this…

Download PDF copy of ‘It’s Like This’, by Ajahn Chah

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