Photographs of the 1903 Francis Younghusband led mission to invade Tibet

Mission Tibet [1903-1904]

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Photographs, by John Claude White, of the 1903 Francis Younghusband led mission to invade TibetThe photographs are of Tibet when the Francis Younghusband led the mission to invade Tibet. In 1903 a substantial army was assembled in Sikkim and camped some 15 miles north of Sikkimese border at Khampa dzong where the leaders of the mission put forth repeated efforts to bring Tibetians to the negotiating table. Though the battles that took place are hardly a proud chapter in British military history but John Claude White’s incomparable photographs have turned out to be the only lasting legacy of the ill-fated adventure of the Imperial Raj into Tibet.

Photographs from the British Library  #endangeredarchives project.
Thanks to @bl_eap

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  1. Some of the things I see in these pictures are well outside my experience, and I would like to learn more about the details.


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