Sen no Rikyū and Wabi Sabi.

Sen no Rikyū by Hasegawa Tōhaku
Sen no Rikyū by Hasegawa Tōhaku

Sen no Rikyū was a Japanese philosopher who understood the role of a cup of tea in a wise and calm life.

Sen no Rikyū (千利休, 1522 – April 21, 1591), also known simply as Rikyū, is considered the historical figure with the most profound influence on chanoyu, the Japanese “Way of Tea”, particularly the tradition of wabi-cha.
He was also the first to emphasize several key aspects of the ceremony, including rustic simplicity, directness of approach and honesty of self. Originating from the Sengoku period and the Azuchi–Momoyama period, these aspects of the tea ceremony persist.

Rikyū is known by many names; for consistency, he will be referred to as Rikyū.


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