Ajahn Chah

Dealing with Disease, by Ajahn Sumedho

Maybe disease isn’t something to get rid of; maybe it’s something to understand, to contemplate, to come to terms with. Being born itself implies that we are going to be subject to different forces beyond our control. We can, of course, learn how to live more care­fully, respecting life, not mis­using our bodies, nor exploiting them…

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It’s Like This, by Ajahn Chah

The crude, beginning level of the practice is a little hard to maintain, but the refined levels of virtue, concentration, and discernment all come out of this…

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The End of the Story, by John Aske

So across this transient world, we build a web of likes and dislikes, demands and resistances to anchor our days, to make them subject to our wishes and to armour them against the very fears that these structures and barriers generate…

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On Losing Someone You Love, by John Aske

When I lost my mother after looking after her for five years, not only had I lost the last member of my family, but I also lost the main motivation for getting up in the mornings.

First comes the self-pity. But since no amount of that helps you or the way you feel — it just makes you feel worse! — you have every reason to put it aside and no reason whatsoever to let it nibble at you; that’s just as pointless as concerning yourself with the weather!

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