Virtue, Calligraphy by Hakuin

Calligraphy by Hakuin Ekaku (1685–1768)

Japan, Edo period
Hanging scroll;
ink on paper
Image: 106 × 52 cm
Overall with mounting:
85.8 × 64 cm

Virtue, by Hakuin Ekaku.

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Refuge for Animals by Lama Chime Rinpoche

Chime and MadnessA dog called Madness

Dogs were very important in old Tibet a lot of reincarnated Lamas had kept companion dogs.

Here a yorkie called Madness is given blessing from Lama Chime Rinpoche

Short film 2mins 30secs

Spiritual Disease, by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

Buddha Seated under the Bodhi Tree . Thailand 7th–9th century. Photo © Metropolitan Museum of ArtThe words ‘spiritual’ and ‘mental’ have widely divergent meanings. ‘Mental’ refers to the mental factors that are connected to and associated with the body. If we suffer from mental illnesses, we go to a psychiatric hospital or an asylum not – it’s not a spiritual matter. The word ‘spirit’ here doesn’t mean spirit in the sense of a ghost or a being that takes possession of people or anything like that, but it refers to the subtle aspects of the mind that are ill through the power of defilement, in particular through ignorance or wrong view. The mind composed of ignorance or wrong view suffers from the ‘spiritual disease'; it sees falsely. Seeing falsely causes it to think falsely, speak falsely, and act falsely, and the disease lies right there in the false thought, false speech, and false action. Continue reading

Ethnicity and Buddhism in the UK, by Noy Thomson

Noy ThomsonEthnicity and Buddhism in the UK, by Noy Thomson (Thai name Mom Rajawongse Saisvasdi Svastis Thomson) at The ‘British Buddhist Landscape —Transplantation and Growth’ conference.

 Talk given on Saturday June 28 2008 at Taplow Court. The conference was organised by the Network of Buddhist Organisations (UK) & The Institute of Oriental Philosophy-UK

An introduction to mindfulness meditation by Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche (part 1)

Sangye Nyenpa RinpocheBenchen Monastery

27 April 2014

Session one

1 hour 23 minutes

Rock ‘n’ Roll Dalai Lama

Dalia Lama at Glastonbury June 2015Dalai Lama – 80th birthday speech at Glastonbury 2015





Good to see my old friend Geshe Tashi on stage too.


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