Ajahn Sumedho


Ajahn Sumedho was born in Seattle, USA in 1934. In 1966, he went to Thailand to practice meditation and ordained as a Theravada monk in 1967. Ajahn Sumedho later meet with the the highly respected Thai teacher Ajahn Chah.

Amaravati Buddhist monastery

He was the abbot of
Amaravati Buddhist monastery
Great Gaddesden, Hemel Hempstead
HP1 3BZ England

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Books include: Don’t Take Your Life Personally, Mind and the Way, Teachings of a Buddhist Monk, and Sound of Silence.

Don't Take Your Life Personally, by Ajahn Sumedho
Don’t Take Your Life Personally, by Ajahn Sumedho
Teachings of a Buddhist Monk by Ajahn Sumedho
Teachings of a Buddhist Monk

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5 replies

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Ajahn Sumedho in the 1990s, his teachings changed my life. I understand he is now living in Thailand after his retirement, does he have an email dress or a telephone number. i would be most grateful if i had some contact details. peace to all. Simon Gunns, leicester

  2. Ajahn Sumedho is an amazing teacher – I would recommend any and all books and talks by him.

    He is one of those teachers who takes the principles we learn and actually shows you how to easily apply them everyday situations – to ease our own suffering and enrich our everyday lives.

  3. a day before i could download a copy of Four noble truths. yesterday i had read the complete book in one short.Could feel buddha. Wanted to see the author, how he looks like. i have seen him.

    Wanted to let it go. No attachment.

    Ravichandran AV

  4. excellent for Buddhist practice


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