Sudden Illumination, by Zen master Hui Hai

Reading Sutra. © Marcelle HanselaarSudden Illumination means deliverance while still in this life. How shall I make you understand that? You may be compared to lion cubs, which are genuine lions from the time of their birth; for, with those who undertake to become suddenly illumined, it is just like that. The moment they practise it, they enter the Buddha-stage, just as the shoots put forth by bamboos in spring will have grown to resemble the parent plants without the least difference remaining even before spring has departed.

Zen Teaching of Instantaneous AwakeningFrom Zen Teaching of Instantaneous Awakening
teaching of the Zen Master Hui Hai

Rendered into English by John Blofeld
Translation of the Tun Wu Ju Tao Yao Mên Lun
and Tsung Ching Record
Foreword by Charles Luk
Buddhist Publishing Group, Totnes

Available on Kindle.

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3 replies

  1. Whoa lotta anger there, Kev

  2. Is there anything to practice ? Really! Other than paying attention to our breath and body , the doorway to the Now.
    But then that’s too simple for those “ farangs” whose “ minds” refuse to be annihilated . And wishing to get to idealistic places for ‘ meditation’. Forgetting they are taking their minds with them.


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