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  1. I like it, a western poet describing eastern meditation.
    Tony O C

  2. Dear Buddhsim Now.

    As I hope you know I have subscribed for many years to your great initiative.

    For some reason yesterday I was inspired to write a meditation poem that spoke to me about why I do it…I humbly share this with you and if you see merit in publishing it, it is fine with me.


    To hear the broken silence
    With every sense of being
    To see the confusion of the moment
    And feel the stillness of the soul

    To penetrate the barriers of division
    And fuse the hopes of today
    To live life’s essence every second
    And see truly disappointment and joy

    The dot of the i, the dash of the t
    The red of light and greys of night
    Blood and bone, sinew and flesh, atom and particle
    The details missed, part of you, part of me

    To really travel the journey
    Each foot, each step, every breath of the way
    To touch the heart of the wind
    And fall every inch of the chasm

    The space between, the sound below
    The coolness of the sun, the heat of the moon
    Intense joy in melting, becoming, losing…
    Surrendering to the here, today, as it is.

    A fleeting glimpse, a treasured touch
    A glancing arrow searing the skin
    Awake, for the blink of an eye, a humming bird’s wing-flap
    Vacuum to fullness, vastness in a thimble.


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