Baby English—sorry! by Tangen Harada Roshi.

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BNow Aug 99

Ten years ago Patricio Goycoolea, a Chilean seeker of truth, was permitted to stay at Bukkokuji, a Soto Zen monastery in Obama, Japan, for two weeks. Ten years later he feels it is time to leave! This place which he calls paradise, has been a nurturing environment for him far beyond his expectations.  Now, as Reverend Jiku, a fully ordained monk, he is embarking on a slow journey back to Chile via China where he has been asked to compile a photographic report on the spiritual revival of Ch’an.  (He was once a photographic journalist and has provided many beautiful photographs for Buddhism Now.)  Intending to remain a monk for good, it is his wish to begin a place for meditation in Chile when he returns.

Tangen Harada Roshi

As Jiku departs, he sends us a teisho by Tangen Harada Roshi. Roshi Sama as Jiku calls him, has been the inspiration behind his life for the past ten years at Bukkokuji. This master’s teachings have appeared in Buddhism Now from time to time in the past. What follows now is a teisho given in English; the Roshi’s first teisho, it seems, ever to be given in English. He says towards the end, `Baby English—sorry!’ The English isn’t exactly right, but we know what he means. It is with great respect that we publish his Baby English Teisho here. If it is read with this in mind, we’re sure you will agree, it is a magnificent dharma thrust.

A Teisho [talk given during Zen meditation retreat]
in English by Tangen Harada Roshi

Roots of roots of roots of roots;

Perfect only—One; Great Harmony!

Another separate—nothing; Opposite—nothing;

Great, great, great, limitless great—One root!

Separate—nothing; Problem—nothing; Trouble—nothing.

Eternal perfect—yes!

One truth; One truth; Only one truth.

Separate—ego; Opposite—ego;

Little ego, Sorry ego, Trouble ego;


Think place, head, separate? No!

Everything—perfect One; Only one truth; Why separate?

Everything—perfect peace; Great calm; Truth—empty.

Great, great, great, great, great.

Why? Limitless!

Nothing limits; One point; Everything—one point; Include everything!

Every, every, every, every—perfect peace; Perfect—enough;

Perfect—satisfied; Afraid—unnecessary!

Why? Truth is always truth; Nothing changes; Just nothing!

Everything—no change!

Therefore—what happens?

That—that truth not change; Perfect—no change;

Perfect sameness; Only truth.

Wise men, wise men, wise men;

Always that `wise’ make trouble; That `wise’—ego;

Always unsatisfied, Always afraid, Always anxious,

Always sorry, Always unhappy.

`Wise’ men—Ego wise; Perfect? Incorrect!

Why? That wise ego—nothing!

But human beings always grasp;

Grasp, grasp, hard grasp ego, `myself’,

And make trouble; Make anxious; Make opposite;

But truth, roots of roots, truth — Always smile;

Deep, deep, deep, great smile; That’s the roots.


Eternal, perfect and bright; Eternal, perfect safety;

Eternal, perfect peace; Everything eternal,

Now, here, now, here; Now, here—no change!

All people hope, desire,

Desire, desire,

Desire perfect peace; Perfect enough, myself;

Always, yes!

Truth—yourself;  Your hope perfect satisfied;

Truth—yourself, Yourself, roots of roots;

Your hope, already; Truth, yourself only—Only!

Therefore, everything always bright,

Always calm, Always together,

Always together helped,


Baby English—sorry!

But roots of roots of roots—yourself!

Yes, yes!

Please, please—truth yourself!

Yourself—truth, please . . .

Only one doing!

Please, truth doing;

Doing, doing, doing;

That determination, sure, continue,


Before visit truth, Wise men unnecessary.

Only doing!

Baby mind doing,

Baby desire mama,

Only desire mama,


Only, only doing, continue . . .

Tangen Harada Roshi

Read more from Tangen Harada Roshi here.

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