Dalai Lama talks about what is present.

Dalai Lama

We talk of past present and future, but cannot find the present. Yet without the present, there’s no past or future. Dalai Lama

About 2 minutes.

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3 replies

  1. In the excerpt of “Confessions” published in Lapham’s Quarterly’s “Time” issue, St. Augustine explores this same line of argument in a much more convoluted manner.

  2. Interesting topic for contemplation. Of course, the point here is that there is no minutes, hours, days or months, etc. These are simply artificial constructs that have no reality. Time flows continuously without past or future, just present…and that present does not exist as a discreet entity either – The Now is indivisible.

  3. Mindfulness is the method through which we awaken to the present and overcome the ignorance of not seeing things as they actually are externally and, very importantly, internally in the mind. To be present must include awakening to our thoughts, perceptions and emotional reactions, which also form part of our present. Only then can we find truth and beauty, compassion and healing and liberation from the habitual wheel of dukkha.


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