Zen monks from Hosshin-ji on Takuhatsu

Monks in Obama on Dana

Zen monks from Hosshin-ji going on Takuhatsu

(Dana or alms round) in Obama Japan.

Short film about 7mins.

To watch more Buddhist videos click here.

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3 replies

  1. Is good to see things from this perspective. It expands your mind usually we bump into things an blur our vision of truth. the facts of life are not the truth. a fact is impermanent, truth is not

  2. Thank you for posting this. When I did this practice I noticed how the quiet of winter would settle into body/mind after hours of walking around town ringing the bell. Challenging and beautiful. By the way, the temple name in English is spelled “Hosshinji.”

  3. If an aesthetic, wonder what would happen if more of us came into it. There! Another mall going down! There! Another! And another! Another! And the gentle earth sighed gently again.


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