A New Approach by the Dalai Lama

The Dalai LamaQ: Your Holiness, as I understand it, up until modern times, advanced Tantric practices were given out in a very controlled way, normally in the context of a guru/disciple relationship. Today, such practices are freely available and even given to beginners. Why has this change occurred? And do you think there are any dangers in this new approach?

Dalai Lama: There are some dangers in this approach, but it has a purpose. There is a proliferation of Tantric literature, much of which, unfortunately, misinterprets Tantric practices. This is very harmful and breeds misunderstanding. If Tantric teachings are given and explained in a proper way, it will help to clear up this mess.

Although I do not claim to have great realisations, nor great knowledge of Tantra, I can see that certain teachers who are spreading Tantric teachings do lack knowledge. And disciples who are not very intelligent and who combine with such teachers together produce quite a lot of mess! So, explanations on Tantric practices by qualified Tantric Masters really help to clear up misunderstandings.

Published it the August 1990 Buddhism Now

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4 replies

  1. We do listen to what the His Holiness Dalai Lama says.

  2. That was rather brief!

  3. Regardless of what or how many tantric teachings are given out very few will really comprehend or realize their full potential.
    There is simply so much work and time required to understand that the vast majority of pseudo practitioners could ever hope to realize is almost nothing.



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