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  1. Holiday of the heart, not battle against evil. Something to ponder and absorb.

  2. Thanks. Beautiful teaching by Luang Por Sumedho. In this light, of awareness that is, here is my favorite passage where Ven. Sumedho describes this awareness as an “effulgence of mind.”

    The empty mind – the pure mind – is not a blank, zero-land, where you’re not feeling or caring about anything. It’s an effulgence of the mind. It’s a brightness that is truly sensitive and accepting. It’s an ability to accept life as it is. When we accept life as it is, we can respond appropriately to the way we’re experiencing it, rather than just reacting out of fear and aversion.

    Many thanks for this posting!

  3. Luang Por Sumedho. Sadu. Sadu. Sadu.


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