Do the Buddha’s Teachings Matter Today? Robert A.F. Thurman 

Why Buddhism Does Matter.

Talk with Robert A.F. Thurman at the Toronto Tibetan Community

Buddhist film, about 50 minutes.

Click here for more teachings from Robert Thurman.

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  1. Buddhism, Buddha matters more than ever.
    When I saw a sculpture of Buddha calmly sitting, with a blissful expression, I thought ‘so is it also possible’ it was contradictory to everything I had to experience until then and it was enough to change my life for ever.
    My perception of reality, my contemplative nature, were at ease and I could breathe at last.
    [edited by moderator]
    Discovering that I was not alone gave me strenth and a kind of softness to apprehend the world. The truth is the only way. And when I recited the 5 positive precepts for the first time, the fourth one brought me to tears and I recite them in the morning since then.
    Metta en Mudita _/\_


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