Morning Meditation: Me and Mine.

‘Working with hopes of getting something in return, is a matter of me and mine that people are so familiar with they don’t even notice it.’ Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

On our Twitter account, Buddhism Now @Buddhism_Now, most mornings we post a ‘morning meditation’ like the one above.

On the net, of course, it’s morning, afternoon, evening, or nighttime 😀 somewhere.

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7 replies

  1. The sources do have a degree of inconsistency lol. At least one person lived (long enough) to report that they tasted a bit like tarragon. My mum used to call buddleja a bomb site plant; she grew up in London during WWII. As for hollyhocks, they seem quite prevalent around here, cultivated varieties, no recognisable bombsites though. I do love the way plants find a niche and flourish.

  2. One online American reference maintains that it is an annual that gets crowded out by perennials. Several places claim it likes waste land and freshly disturbed gound. The young leaves are supposed to be edible and a good source for calcium and potassium; they don’t look very appetising to me though.

    • I thought I read they were a bit poisonous?

      👍 like ‘waste land and freshly disturbed ground’ sound like hollyhocks, when I was a kid I think hollyhocks were called ‘bomb site ?something?’ can’t remember the something bit 😨


  3. My specimen is growing in quite poor soil in Hampshire. The seeds were allegedly introduced to UK from the States in the stuffing in bird skins mounted by taxidermists around 17th century, from what is available online. It feels like there is an important observation in that lol.

  4. Aah ‘Conyza canadensis, Horseweed’; I found out what this plant is only yesterday. There is a selfset one in my garden that looked like it was going to be something else. Probably not a comment you anticipated, but also not a million miles from your quote.


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