Morning meditation — The Unborn does not.

‘The unborn does not come within the realm of time.’

Diana St Ruth

On our Twitter account, Buddhism Now @Buddhism_Now, most mornings we post a ‘morning meditation’ like the one above.

On the net, of course, it’s morning, afternoon, evening, or nighttime 😀 somewhere.

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Categories: Buddhist Insights, Chan / Seon / Zen, Morning Meditaton


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  1. This could be the cause of so much confusion and frustration seekers experience when trying to ‘understand’ concepts such as the ‘Unborn.’

    The conventional mind is limited and bound by time. It can know nothing about the timeless. It can only know about things that appear in time, and science can tell us many useful things about what things are made of and how they work etc. but it can say nothing about “that” which is not of time.

    The difficulty lies with a mind that asks a question concerning the timeless without realizing it is incapable of receiving the answer. It demands an answer that can satisfy the intellect because the limited mind knows no reality other than the relative sphere of time and space. Silence or paradox just adds to the confusion, and gets frustrated because it assumes that what is applicable to the world of time must also apply to the timeless.


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