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An old Buddhist text written in Yi language

Sutra on expelling evils and begging fortunes. Click any photo to view full size gallery. Date: acclaimed 1745. Language: Yuanyang dialect, Yi language. Photographs from the British Library  #endangeredarchives project. Thanks to @bl_eap More posts about the #endangeredarchives project.

Om When Drunk, by Trevor Leggett

At present you are occasionally saying it as a sort of insurance policy, paying a little sum now and then and then forgetting about it. But the time will come when there is a crisis, and you will need to practise seriously to find your way out of it. If you then try repeating ‘Om’ seriously, you will find that there are innumerable low-level associations coming into your mind, which will take a good time to get rid of. And you may not have that much time…