Photo by @KyotoDailyPhoto

Mu, by Maezumi Roshi

It’s not a matter of intellectually figuring out what mu is. To see muji you must put yourself completely into it until you are mu itself. Concentrate on muji until you and muji become one thing, and then keep on working.

Have You Awakened? by Kusan Sunim

For the ninety days of this winter retreat people from nine different countries have gath­ered here. The times and seasons of all countries are not the same. Thus when it is winter here, it is summer elsewhere; and when it is daytime here, it is night-time elsewhere.

North, south, east and west being void, they form a single house.

A Handful of Pain, by Diana St Ruth

To allow the body to be painful when it needs to be, without regarding it as a bad thing, can be a liberating experience, a relief even, because there is no further conflict in the mind. Of course it is difficult when pain is severe, but there is a way of separating oneself from it and changing one’s relationship to it…