August 1994 Buddhism Now

Buddhism Now archives. We are posting the covers of old paper versions of Buddhism Now including selected articles.

Cover of the August 1994 Buddhism Now. Art © Marcelle Hanselaar From this issue:

Anxiety, by John Aske

Worry, care, depression, gloom, all of these are targets of the universal raider. Anxiety is drawn like a spider to the web in which we struggle, and thrives on our resistance. But its strength is drawn from this and only this. The energy released by our struggling and resistance is what attracts it…

Click here to read the Anxiety.

Buddhist Publishing Group (BPG) published the first issue of Buddhism Now in February 1989.

Buddhism Now archives

Author: Buddhism Now

Buddhism Now is an online Buddhist magazine based upon the teachings of the Buddha. Buddhist Publishing Group (BPG) was formed in 1983 and published the paper issue of Buddhism Now between 1989-2007.

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