Pat Wilkinson one of the earliest Western Buddhist nuns

Pat Wilkinson went to Thailand to be a Buddhist nun (meichee) maybe fifty or sixty years ago.  She was one of the first English women and probably one of the first Westerners to go to Thailand to embark on a most unusual way of life. She spent some years there but found the experience gruelling.  It was a frugal life and the meichees were given little support, so they had to find their food amongst the natural vegetation.

Finally, she came back to Britain and spent almost the rest of her life as the registrar at the London Buddhist Society where she was a key figure and a very friendly one.  I met her in the late sixties at the Buddhist Society, but got to know her better at the Buddhist Society summer schools at High Leigh, Hoddesdon.  She was a great character and always had plenty of stories about those times as a nun in Thailand.

lr: Rosa Taylor, Pat Wilkinson, Phyllis

l-r: Rosa Taylor, Pat Wilkinson, Phyllis Turner

In memory of Pat Wilkinson, one of the earliest Westerners to go to Thailand to become a Buddhist nun.


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  1. I have a Buddhist sutra. When I open it I can find no characters with in it. It is written without ink and without. paper. But from time immemorial it has radiated light. (author unknown.)


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