Breaking free of mental activity, by Diana St Ruth

Buddha behind Dragon curtain, Chinese Photo: © David BlancoBuddhist meditation is the process of breaking free of mental activity in order to hear what we hear, smell what we smell, taste what we taste and see what we see, without making judgements. Life then becomes sharp, clear, straight experience instead of every scene being accompanied by a silent running commentary or a series of judgements and reactions.

To be free of mental activity is not to lose one’s mind or suddenly become foolish or irre­sponsible; it is to simply deal directly with existence as it arises rather than through any kind of intermediary or filter; it is to face reality directly. We might then start to recognise that much of what we thought we knew was, in fact, just thought, just belief.

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3 replies

  1. Diana–

    This is very clear, and well-written, as always in your work. Have you ever seen this short video?

    It’s saying almost the same thing. Most interesting.



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