The Mindful Way

Ajahn Chah © The Sangha, Wat Nong Pah Pong

Television program on Buddhism with an interview with Ajahn Chah.

Theravada Buddhism, video, The Mindful Way, duration: 20 mins.


Buddhist Videos

Ajahn Chah (17 June 1918 — 16 January 1992)

In 1977, Ajahn Chah was invited to visit Britain by the English Sangha Trust, a charity with the aim of establishing a locally-resident Buddhist Sangha. He took Venerable Sumedho and Venerable Khemadhammo along, and seeing the serious interest there, left them in London at the Hampstead Vihara (with two of his other Western disciples who were then visiting Europe). He returned to Britain in 1979, at which time the monks were leaving London to begin Chithurst Buddhist Monastery in Sussex.

Click here to read more teachings from Ajahn Chah.

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5 replies

  1. This will be more helpful to those who are trying to find the truth.i’m grateful.

  2. I was introduced to the teaching and the path of the Thai Forest Tradition through a booklet of selected talks ( A TASTE of FREEDOM) while visiting Kandy in Sri Lanka over thirty years ago. It was the beginning of a wonderful spiritual path that I plod along to this day. Through him and his work carried on by his disciples, Ajahns Sumedho, Amaro and Pasano the monasticism of The Forest Tradition spread to the UK and the U.S. All these monasteries are flourishing well regarded in the Western World.

    In the United States – Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery in The Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah

    I join with others in thanks to you for presenting this fine interview with Ajahn Chah

  3. This documentary helps us to tread the path to Nirvana. I was very much impressed by the Most Ven, Ajhan Cha and his followers.Thank you.

  4. Amazing. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Very much appreciate the video of the BBC interview of Ajahn Chah. Well done with helpful information both about the life of the monks as well as the application of the teachings to us, the laity. Thank you for posting it. C. Taylor


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