The Last Days of Mes Aynak

Gold Buddha from Mes AynakWhen documentary film-maker Brent Huffman first visited the Buddhist archaeological site of Mes Aynak in eastern Afghanistan in June 2011, he was awed by the 2,600-year-old city, how it stretches for 100 acres, encompassing artefacts, monasteries and more than 200 statues of Buddha. Now he’s on his way back to bear witness to its last days.

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Much more here at PBS.ORG.

and from click here

The finds in Mes Aynak are both beautiful and historically illuminating, but will there be time to save them all? Photo: Brett E. Huffman.BIG NEWS – Brent Huffman documentary about Mes Aynak will premiere in New York on Dec. 18th at the Rubin Museum of Art (a major Buddhist centre in the US) in their “Ignorance” program featuring Alec Baldwin, Neil LaBute, Neil Gaiman, Rosanne Cash and many others.

You can buy tickets here:

More news.

Afghanistan’s Buddhist buried treasure faces destruction

An archaeologist examines the remains of statues of Buddha at Mes Aynak. Photograph: Shah Marai/AFP/Getty Images Mes Aynak, a magnificent Buddhist city, is the most important archaeological discovery in a generation. But it is sitting on a vast copper deposit and is about to be destroyed. Link to the the Guardian.

Ancient Buddhas, Modern Peril New York Times Sunday Review.

Ancient site needs saving not destroying CNN has some nice pictures.

Website of German Camera Productions work-in-progress documentary “The Buddhas of Mes Aynak”.

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3 replies

  1. I find it obscene this beautiful city will be destroyed to put in a copper mine. The city is more valuable than the mine.

  2. A very enjoyable video.

  3. this is brilliant, I have travelled extensively in Afghanistan but never heard of this site before, could you keep me posted when the film comes out?
    Many thanks Marcelle


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