The Light of Asia

The Light of AsiaLight of Asia: The Great Renunciation, Sir Edwin Arnold.

An adaptation of the Lalitavistara.

The Light of Asia takes the form of a narrative poem describing the life of Gautama Siddhartha, who became The Buddha.

One of my favourites Book the Eighth starts page 206

I, Buddh, who wept with all my brothers’ tears,
Whose heart was broken by a whole world’s woe.
Laugh and am glad, for there is Liberty!
Ho! ye who suffer! know

Ye suffer from yourselves. None else compels,
None other holds you that ye live and die,
And whirl upon the wheel, and hug and kiss
Its spokes of agony,


Click here to download a PDF of Light of Asia


First edition published in London in July 1879.

One of the first books on Buddhism published in English.

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