Tiger rests on Buddha head

Great photo from @nowthisnews: Tiger rests on Buddha head.

There is a story that the Buddha, in a previous life, gave his body to a tiger so she could feed her starving cubs.

Photo: @nowthisnews

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8 replies

  1. I would love to order a poster size of this picture. Any ideas?

  2. A great picture representing an amazing story from Buddhism.

  3. Well written. May peace be with you :)

  4. Even the most ferocious of creatures needs some peace and quiet.

  5. Beings are peaceful and that is the inborn nature, but greed, envy, ill-will, and confusion destroy the peace and compassion.

  6. This is a remarkable photo! So kind of you to share it.

  7. May all beings be peaceful, happy and light in body and spirit!

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