Morning meditation — I alone.

‘When the Buddha said “I alone am the world honoured one”, he was not making a dualistic statement but articulating awakening.’

Everyday Buddhism

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4 replies

  1. Thank you. You seem to be staying that once Buddha comprehended beyond duality, he became freed, sort of blessed, from the chains of dualistic thinking. A sort of epiphany? Is this close enough?

  2. Hello, i don’t understand. Firstly because there is no fixed self, so I thought that meant there is no ‘I’. Unless, awakening dissolves all boundaries and then the individual is aware of the infinite oneness of everything, which is too big for my proper comprehension but can catch the gist. But more than this is that world honoured is completely opaque to me.

    • There’s many ways of describing this.

      Anatta (Pali), anatman (Sanskrit) is so often translated in a nihilistic way, such as no-I, even as no-ego. The Buddha referred to himself as Tathagata after understanding anatta, impermanence, and freedom from dukkha.

      As you suggest, it’s from this awakened awareness he says “I alone am the world honoured one”.

      Buddha-bhagavat: Honoured one, holy, has the best of fortune (being awake, understanding the truth).

      We could also say ‘I alone’ is complete oneness, beyond duality…

      😀 these are meditations – koans if you like.



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