Morning meditation — Nothing more Beautiful.

‘There’s probably nothing more beautiful in this world than people relying on and trusting one another.’

Beopjeong Sunim

On our Twitter account, Buddhism Now @Buddhism_Now, most mornings we post a ‘morning meditation’ like the one above.

On the net, of course, it’s morning, afternoon, evening, or nighttime 😀 somewhere.

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Categories: Beopjeong Sunim, Buddhist Insights, Chan / Seon / Zen, Morning Meditaton

3 replies

  1. Couldn’t agree more with this….. There is nothing more beautiful than Trust.Good morning from a stunning views from my hammock in Thailand at the beach!💕❤️!….As one travels the journey of life one will find out less than a handful of people they can genuinely trust!

      • Here is live example of trust… I was writing this a small snake is coming straight towards me….I hear the black bird howling at me….🐦…I wandered what was going on ..of course warning me!!….I am near a hose….so I gently spray the hose to steer it back on the grass lawn…. Trust in action… previous comment refers to important life matters and decision making!😂…. Like your glasses!😂😂👍


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