Morning meditation — External Things.

‘A monk who does not direct his mind to external things is aware: My mind is not directed to external things.’

The Buddha
Bhikkhunivasako Sutta

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10 replies

  1. The myth that we have a “mind” that is controllable and can be manipulated goes on and on. I have no control over what rises in streaming thoughts, I do have a responsibility towards any resulting actions. The “mind” I attempt to manipulate is the same stream of thought that produces the manipulator. What fun. Gautama was to have said, You cannot hold a present or past thought and cannot have a future thought. If true, where’s the “mind” and who’s “mind” is it?

  2. The ‘what’ is within and outside? Like with the analogy of the jug?

  3. At the risk of appearing foolish, either this is contradictory or both directing and not directing on external things is equivalent.

  4. I don’t understand but would like to know what this quote implies, please.

  5. Where is this quote from?


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