Morning meditation — If You Become Attached To.

‘If you become attached to the desire for illumination, then it will become a source of delusion.’

Lesser Celandine.

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  1. The problem of attachment reminds me of the Zen story entitled ‘TheTaste of Banzo’s Sword’.
    It is number 91 in Paul Rep’s ‘101 Zen stories’. The moral of the story is that impatience only delays the achievement of the goal; the greater the impatience, the longer it will take to reach it, because as Banzo said to Matajuro Yagyu, ‘A man in such a hurry as you are to get results seldom learns quickly’. Attachment is just as detrimental to achievement of illumination and for the same reason as impatience: Both amount to useless mental clutter when what is needed is an empty mind.


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