June 1989 Buddhism Now

Cover of the June 1989 Buddhism Now. Art © Marcelle HanselaarFrom this issue:

Zazen is not step-by-step learning meditation, by Harada Sekkei Roshi

I’ve often spoken of the following words of Dogen Zenji: `Zazen is not step-by-step learning meditation, it is the culmination of totally realised enlightenment.’ `Step-by-step learning meditation’ is to think of peace of mind, or awakening, or practice as something which is separate from yourself. You think you are confused or that you are a practitioner of Zen and that from now on you will practise in order to attain enlightenment or get peace of mind or some kind of quietness. In other words, you perceive a result or an ideal which is far away from you. This is `step-by-step learning medita­tion’.

To read Zazen is not step-by-step learning meditation click here.

Buddhist Publishing Group (BPG) published the first issue of Buddhism Now in February 1989

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  1. Practice is beyond learning. Absorb it, live with it, and wash away the defilements.


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