May 1992 Buddhism Now

Cover of the May 1992 Buddhism Now. Art © Marcelle Hanselaar

From this issue:

Obituary of John Snelling
by Stephen Batchelor

Everyone who knew John Snelling through his Buddhist connections soon learned that he had leukaemia. This disease, which was diagnosed in 1975, became his inseparable companion in dukkha…

Click here to read the Obituary of John Snelling.

Buddhist Publishing Group (BPG) published the first issue of Buddhism Now in February 1989.

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  1. Obituary notes, remind us death, impermanence, and suffering as well as less-soul. Yet we, cry, we talk, we feel sorry, we feel the loss, when someone, who had done a great service leave us due to some sicknesses. Sicknesses are unavoidable. Yet we have to accept. As I understand, John Snelling had completed his mission and would have gone to start again. Hope for the best, as he acquired lot of merits through his work.


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