August 1992 Buddhism Now

Cover of the August 1992 Buddhism Now. Art © Marcelle Hanselaar

From this issue:

Practice of metta and the English Problem
by John Aske

The metta practice rests on the basis of loving oneself, or at least liking oneself. Without this step, no further progress is possible, either in the metta practice or in the practice of any of the Brahma Viharas (the Divine Abidings, that are — apart from anything else — the mortar of the holy life). And with the English — the men at least — this first step was proving very difficult, if not impossible…

Click here to read the Practice of metta and the English Problem.

Buddhist Publishing Group (BPG) published the first issue of Buddhism Now in February 1989.

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  1. Practice is helpful in developing and cultivating one’s own mind, but first it should apply to the person who practise as otherwise it is not genuine and difficult to get results.


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