This is the Way to Immortality by Ajahn Sumedho

Ajahn Sumedho

Ajahn Sumedho

This is the way to immortality by Ajahn Sumedho was recorded on his 86th birthday 27 July 2020. Real peace, Consciousness, the Unborn, and Awareness knows Awareness.


Buddhist film 35 minutes.

Happy Birthday Ajahn Sumedho


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  1. I’m certain that Ajahn Sumedhos’ teachings are correct, but I’ve always wondered doesn’t consciousness cease on falling asleep, and during anaesthesia, and restart on awakening ? I’ve been lucky enough to experience the jhana state on a number of occassions during deep meditation and the wonderful feeling of disembodied conciousness that goes with it, but I’ve never felt conscious while I’ve been asleep or during anaesthesia. It’s something I’ve never heard discussed or alluded to in any of the talks or in anything I’ve read. I’ve always felt it would be stupid to ask the question, but for me this is the elephant in the room.
    I’m hoping you can put me right!

    • Cheers Peter,

      The best example of being conscious while sleeping is probably dreaming. Maybe not sense consciousness, but then… when the alarm clock rings we wake up. Sound or ear consciousness is working when we sleep.
      During the dream state we have ‘sense functions’ we hear, see, touch, taste, even have smell. Our brain keeps on working too.
      One of the thing that interests me, although I have no experience of it, was told to us by an anaesthetist. She mentioned that although the patient may be unconscious the body still reacts during operations. Occasionally we hear examples of people knowing what was happening during operations when they are supposed to be unconscious.


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