Morning Meditation — from Ya Tang

‘When the moon reaches the summit, Shadows disappear from the wall.’

T’ang poet Ya Tang [Quoted by Hakuin in ‘Idle Talk on a Night Boat’ in The Embossed Tea Kettle.]
Sky over Totnes, with trees.

On our Twitter account, Buddhism Now @Buddhism_Now, most mornings we post a ‘morning meditation’ like the one above.

On the net, of course, it’s morning, afternoon, evening, or nighttime 😀 somewhere.

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Categories: Buddhism, Morning Meditaton

2 replies

  1. This Daily Meditation feature is helpful to me as a means for centering every morning. Thank you and please keep it going

  2. It amazes me that so much meaningfulness and all embracing significance can be defined with such brevity and clarity.
    It’s a wonderful metaphor.



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