The Heart Sutra, Harada Sekkei Roshi

Our purpose for living is to become No-mind/No-self, and a person who has become No-mind/No-self is called a Buddha. Each action we make is completely Empty, it is Nothingness, and if we express this using words, this is the ‘Buddha-dharma’. It is not possible for the ego to intervene in the Dharma…

Perfect Wisdom: Prajnaparamita Texts

The Perfection of Wisdom Sutras (The Short Prajnaparamita Texts) were composed in India between approximately 100 BC and AD 600. Those contained within this volume are among the shorter ones; they are also some of the most well known such as The Heart Sutra, Perfection of Wisdom in 500 lines, The Diamond Sutra, and Perfection of Wisdom in 700 lines.

The Old Zen Master

At the beginning you have to take up a koan riddle. One such is this: ‘What is your true face before father and mother were born’. For one facing the turbulence of life and death, such a koan clears away the sandy soil and opens up the golden treasure which was there from the beginning, the ageless root of all things…