Walking Meditation

Monk walking: © Marcelle HanselaarWalking is a wonderful way of meditating. It brings one to the point of realising that meditation does not depend upon the position of the body. Sitting, standing, lying down, walking — what is the difference when one is aware? The state of being aware is an experience which goes beyond the body.

The formal practice of walking is very useful in retreat situations where a lot of sitting is taking place and the body gets stiff. To walk for ten minutes or so between periods of sitting, stretches the joints and can bring relief to aching knees, ankles and so on. But more than that, in a sense, walking meditation is like putting sitting meditation into motion. This can break down any misconceptions about meditation being something only to take place in perfect stillness.

Freedom from form, feeling, mental activity, perception and consciousness — this little bundle called ‘me’ — can be experienced at any time just by engaging in the business at hand in a meditative way, whether it be the rise and fall of the abdomen, or the placing of one foot in front of the other in walking meditation.

Click here to download an easy to print guide on walking meditation
by Diana St Ruth.
It is compact — just eight PDF pages
making it easy for you to print out or read on your computer.

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8 replies

  1. Doing our every activity with full Mindfullness is being aware …and that’s what is Meditative of life …

  2. It is a lovely piece of reflection. Meditation is purposive engagement. One can achieve stillness in motion. Thanks for the perspective Diana.

  3. The pictures always get me. Good work on all fronts!

  4. Anything can be a meditation if done with awareness. My first experience with walking meditation was on a retreat with Ajahn Brahm, chance to get out of the closure into the fresh air of the outside. Regrettably haven’t done it since. Thank you for the article, will try it again. Madhu

  5. This is a WONderful little guide! And I love the drawings – so whimsical they make it look like FUN, not hard work, haha

    Thank you:)


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